Diesel Mechanic Salary – How Much Does a Diesel Mechanic Make?

From the term itself, diesel mechanics deal with maintaining heavy vehicles and other equipment that utilize diesel to work. They are responsible for the repair and inspection of these diesel engines so that large machineries and vehicles will function. Some of these machineries include ships, trucks, buses, cranes, electric generators and farm tractors. There is a wide variety of machines being powered by diesel and the aforementioned are just a few examples. Diesel engines are more reliable for heavy-duty equipment compared to gas engines. Due to the fact that diesel engines are used to power large equipment, the roles of diesel mechanics are necessary to avoid breakdowns which might lead to expensive repair. The responsibilities of a diesel mechanic involve a lot of work and there are even mechanics that specialize in a particular area. Doing routine maintenance checks are common for these individuals to find out if there are any potential causes of damage to the machines that they check. In this manner, they can be assured that safety, among other factors, won’t be compromised. Now that we have an idea of the type of services rendered by these individuals, you might end up wondering about a typical diesel mechanic salary. How much do these workers make? That and other questions about diesel mechanics will be discussed in this article so better read on.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) website states that diesel mechanics (alongside diesel service technicians) earned a median annual wage of $40,850 (equivalent to an hourly rate of $19.64) in 2010. This means that the highest 10 percent earned more than $60,830 while the lowest 10 percent earned less than around $26,550. Sectors which offer the highest salaries for these workers include the local government, motor vehicle and parts wholesalers, automotive repair and maintenance, general freight trucking, and specialized freight trucking. On top of their basic salary, some employers provide bonuses and commissions to diesel mechanics. It is an award that they most certainly deserve. Some diesel mechanics render overtime work depending on the demands of a situation that they are working on. Even though they typically work 40 hours a week, some end up working with a lot more extra hours. Moreover, in terms of job outlook, the employment of diesel mechanics is expected to have an increase of 15 percent from 2010 to 2020. Growth in demand for diesel mechanics may be expected in the freight trucking and automotive industry. Diesel mechanics will be needed to maintain and look after more of the vehicles which are part of these industries. There is an anticipated increase in the amount of trucks with diesel engines due to the shipping of more freight from different locations. [1]

For those who find being a diesel mechanic as an interesting career choice, there are postsecondary training programs offered in many institutions. Even though a number of diesel mechanics get their knowledge while being trained on the job even without meeting some typical requirements, it is still important to note that almost all employers prefer to hire applicants that have finished high school. In addition, while in high school, taking up courses in physics, math, and English is important for the candidate.  A number of community colleges and vocational schools have available diesel mechanic programs for interested individuals. However, as mentioned earlier, there are diesel mechanics who haven’t finished any of these training programs and simply earned their skills through being trained on the job. But to increase prospects, undergoing training and earning certifications is recommended since a lot of employers prefer to hire individuals who have undertaken the said procedures. Training programs which include hands-on exercises and classroom learning can last from several months to two years. Aside from going through the mentioned processes, diesel mechanics should also have several personal qualities which can help them carry out their jobs more efficiently. For instance, they must be good at dealing with other people due to the fact that they will often be speaking with clients to discuss the progress of their work. In addition, they should also possess dexterity since they will mostly be assembling and inspecting a lot of engine parts.

A career in diesel mechanics will most definitely suit individuals that have minds designed to think mechanically and technically. Considering the type of education needed and the diesel mechanic salary that a candidate can get out of the job, it certainly is a career to consider for those who think that practicing the craft would be a worthwhile experience.

Diesel Service Technicians and Mechanics”. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Retrieved September 5, 2013.

Mechanic Shop Near Your Area : Your bestfriend locator

As a car owner, you are quite protective of your baby. Probably you have a mechanic shop you frequent near your area for your most regarded diesel car. It always pays off to have a close diesel mechanic you trusted and know that will  take good care of your needs.fast-furious-6 shop

But not everyone is lucky to have a mechanic shop near their area. Especially for the nomads and in constant globetrotting wheels. But first, we have to know the different categories of mechanic shops and/or automotive garage/ repair shops:

1. Auto parts store that provides services. This is unusual in United Kingdom but is very popular in the United States.

2. Car Dealership Shop. This is where you directly buy your car and the services and parts they provide within the warranty period.

3. Independent Car Dealers with Certification and Sponsorship Programs with manufacturers.  These are usually businesses owned independently and also includes certifications from car manufacturers. In the case of European Union member nations, the motorists can select independent stores where they get the car services giving the owner more flexibility especially if store dealer has only limited supply of auto parts.

Word of caution to the new car owners. You have to have knowledge also of your cars and be able to identify basic problems on it. Finding a diesel mechanic and a mechanic shop that won’t rip will make a huge difference in your pockets. Know your rights as a consumer and the regulations in the state where you are in.

When choosing a mechanic shop, look for the certification such as from the  American Automobile Association (AAA) to ensure safety on the road. Look for the seal of the  National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) to ensure that the shop you’re visitng have competent mechanics and quality services.  Or you can ask recommendations from close friends and people you trust and has an extensive background on cars.

You can also check out mechanic shops that are specializing in a certain parts or services such as body parts only or remodeling. Ask your local diesel mechanic  for his recommendations as there are shops that specializes in repainting or customization.

Keep in mind that services and maintenance are covered during the warranty period. Normal services and maintenance of all parts for your car should be discussed with the diesel mechanic to know the market, the competition and alternative options when priced parts are not available.

One of the best mechanic shop locator finders is Edmunds.com where you can look for the car maintenance and services shops as well as instructions in changing oils. Finding a good diesel mechanic is also one of its major offerings.

Goodyear.com also has an Auto Service Centers and you can look out the shops depending on the city/ state or zip code and you can get information from each store. You can even make an appointment online.

You can also check AutoMD.com and find the a shop near you or the area you are planning to visit.

Be your own car doctor and find the best suitable shop for your vehicle.


Diesel Cars On Top of the Market List

Pumped up to become the diesel mechanic? We already outline the schools where you can train to become a diesel mechanic and there are numerous job opportunities awaiting for you.

You will be dealing a lot of people especially on the elite bunch and but foremost, you have to understand the kind of cars that you will be dealing mostly. And to become one of the best, you hae to understand the cars that you will be dealing with it most of the time.

A diesel mechanic knows the nitty-gritty of the stuff he’s working on and that involve knowing about the car.  And isn’t it great to be able to converse with your customer about the top diesel cars on top in the market?

We know that diesel cars are cleaner and fuel-efficient. Leave your prejudice about diesel and know the difference especially in terms of performance. There are a lot of car companies now making changes in their turboes and to make a Fast and Furious exhilarating feel.  Cars and SUVs are now using diesel since it is easy to drive around town and cost-efficient unlike gasoline.

The following are the top diesel cars that will surely be on your shop soon.

1.   Volkswagen Gold TDI 


 Very smart and sleek and it is one of the top selling in the history of diesel cars. It perfected the technology and high efficiency meter rate. It is capable of 42 mpg and the design is upscaled. It surpassed its own world driving ranks.
Smarter diesel engine are made to run the mill and ensure great driving conditions.
2.  Volkswagen Passat Diesel 
It got the same transmission line for the Golf TDI but a smaller body but only inches. t got 40 mpg and won the top honors when it was first released last year.
As you know, the US market is owned by the Volkswagen.  Four  out of 5 released diesel cars have been filled up and it is because of its turboes and efficiency. Ye sit is a bit epxensive but the fuel you can save is far more you will be spending with other cars.
3.  Mazda Sedan 
With 41 mpg, the Mazda Sedan has everything- lightweight and balanced and great chassis. The company’s improved architecture make it a good choice for those who want the best for their hard-earned money. Better performance for a better diesel economy.
4.  Ford Focus Sedan
Ut only got 37 mpg highway but its value for money makes it on top of our list. You have to switch to the dual clutch, though it is not the best gearbox but it got all the standard chassis to back you up. Besides it is one of the 10 Best Cars in 2012 and 2013, so do not worry as it can take you for longer commuting. Best for those long joy rides at the countryside with your friends.
5.  Chevrolet Cruze
On top of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Chevrolet Cruze has 44 mpg and has the top efficiency for diesel usage. Mileage you can get for your baby out of  the liter of diesel will surely make your accountant proud. 
Yes my dear diesel mechanic, learn more about these models and be on top also in your trade. Aside from changing gears and making sure the gears are working all right, conversation with the owners of these babies will surely get you more tips.
Diesel Mechanic Apprenticeship – Taking the Path to Being a Diesel Mechanic

Diesel Mechanic Apprenticeship – Taking the Path to Being a Diesel Mechanic

Diesel mechanics have quite a huge role in the automobile and heavy equipment industry. They keep their hands dirty to ensure that the engines of machinery and vehicles that use diesel engine are at a good state. Heavy equipment that utilizes diesel engines are found in various industries such as transportation, construction and farming. Diesel-powered engines are different from their gasoline-powered counterparts, hence they need a different kind of attention when it comes to maintenance. The job isn’t at all simple as to become a diesel mechanic; one must possess several skills and abilities. For instance, being both technical and mechanical are important traits to consider when someone aspires to be a diesel mechanic. This is due to the nature of the work that they are going to deal with. One must understand extensive systems and parts that make up diesel engines to maintain them. It is apparent how working as a diesel mechanic can be pretty much a tough job. If you think that working as one is your calling, then you might want to consider undergoing a diesel mechanic apprenticeship. You can be assured that through this particular training, you will acquire the skills and other preparations that will certainly make you ready to venture in the field of a diesel mechanic.

Although some diesel mechanics have learned about the craft through training on the job, a diesel mechanic apprenticeship is still very much recommended for those who eye this career path. In undergoing an apprenticeship, the aspiring mechanic will acquire expertise through extensive training. They will be taught about various tools and skills through both practical and technical training. It is also a good means for the aspiring mechanic to develop personal relations with other people in the field, helping him/her become more in tuned with his/her chosen career.

Now that you have a better idea of how it is to become a diesel mechanic and the type of training that one has to undergo during an apprenticeship, you might have gotten a bit more curious about what takes place during the program. Depending on the school or institution, apprenticeship programs usually vary in certain aspects. For example, some programs might take three years to be completed while others can take four. Such differences might be evident but the nature of the programs is typically alike. For instance, most of the apprenticeship will be spent for practical or hands-on training. Usually, the practical aspect of the training is spent under the supervision of a host employer. Technical and theoretical aspects are also discussed via in-school trainings. Moreover, the apprentice should be supervised by a certified journeyperson during practical training to ensure that they receive proper guidance and acquire valuable experience.

Being a diesel mechanic might not seem to be the most stellar of jobs but for anyone who finds interest in the field, they will most certainly find fulfilment if they ever intend to pursue this career. It is a great opportunity to make use of ones analytical, technical, mathematical and mechanical skills. If it is your intention to continue with this direction, then you can begin by selecting which school can help you kick start your diesel mechanic career. Enrolling in a diesel mechanic training program will help you earn a certification easier and help in increasing your job prospects once you start seeking for a job. As mentioned by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there is an anticipated increase of 15% in the employment for diesel mechanics from 2010 to 2020. In addition, aside from their basic salaries, it is said that diesel mechanics also receive additional commissions and incentives for their hard work. Hence, being a diesel mechanic is certainly a job to consider if you believe that you have what it takes to take part in this sort of industry.

Diesel Mechanics – Information about the Career

Diesel mechanics is a field to consider if think that you are a highly technical person who is willing to obtain skills to learn about repairing and inspecting equipment with diesel engines. It certainly is a career worthy to be considered due to a number of key points that make the job an ideal career path. The salaries can be high especially for those who have obtained certifications and years of experience of practice. There also comes the stimulation brought about by skilled repair work. In addition, what matters the most is the end results that we get from these skilled workers. They make sure that various diesel-powered equipment are in top shape so that breakdowns and accidents may be avoided. Vehicles such as freight trucks, boats and buses, among others, rely on these individuals to assure their functionality. And of course, there are other sectors that depend on the skills and knowledge that these individuals possess. Some of these sectors include the local government and wholesalers of motor parts and vehicles. Aside from automotive equipment, they also are capable of repairing other machinery such as electric generators and pumps found in hydraulic and oil well drilling systems. Without a doubt, the services of a diesel mechanic come in handy in a variety of situations.  Hence, it is without question that pursuing a career path as a diesel mechanic can be a real challenging yet fulfilling one.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), diesel mechanics received a median annual wage of $40,850 in 2010 which is equivalent to an hourly rate of $19.64 per hour. Just like in almost any other occupation, entry-level jobs for a diesel mechanic usually start with lower salaries. However, there is no need to fret as in order to earn experience for better prospects later on, there is always a starting point which comes in the form of these entry-level jobs. With more years in the practice, a diesel mechanic will be eligible to take exams which will let them receive a certification for a certain area of specialization. With experience and certification, the individual can expect more promising wages and better prospects in terms of employment. Moreover, there is an expected growth of vacancies for jobs in this field. There is an anticipated increase of 15 percent for employment from these jobs between the years 2010 and 2020.

Diesel mechanics certainly have a lot up their sleeves. Aside from undergoing training in order to obtain the skills and knowledge necessary for the job, they also need to possess qualities which can help them carry out the job efficiently. Some of these include technical and mechanical skills which will help them be at ease when working with various components and parts of engines. It is also important that they are familiar with modern electronic equipment due to how many modern diesel engines today operate. It is also important that they develop strong communication skills since they are expected to deal with a lot of clients during the course of their work. Indeed, to become a diesel mechanic requires that an individual be dedicated and interested in the craft. In this manner, they can be assured of success and fulfillment in their respective careers.

Diesel Mechanic Schools – Training for Diesel Mechanics

After completing high school, aspiring diesel mechanics will most likely be considering a list of diesel mechanic schools to enroll in. Even though there are many diesel mechanics who have received months to years of informal training while on the job, diesel mechanics who have finished postsecondary training programs are still considered have an edge in terms of employment prospects. This is due to the fact that many employers prefer to hire applicants who have undergone these formal training programs. Training programs encompass many aspects of diesel engine repair such as diesel technology, electronics, repair and equipment. The training will involve classroom learning, hands-on exercises and other activities that will assure trainees to become prepared once they begin practicing as diesel mechanics. Aside from training to be skilled workers, programs also aim to enhance a candidate’s communication skills which will help them read technical manuals and communicate with other people on the job.

Now that you know the importance of being trained, you might start wondering about which of the many diesel mechanic schools you should select to attend. Many community colleges and vocational schools offer diesel mechanic training programs which last for 6 months to 2 years which are either certificate programs or associate degrees. The National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) is an accrediting body for these training programs. On their website, they have a page which will enable you to find accredited institutions in a specific location. Moreover, another popular choice of institution for aspiring diesel mechanics is the Universal Technical Institute (UTI) which offers programs that take 45 to 75 weeks to finish. Furthermore, there are also online training programs available such as the one offered by Penn Foster Career School. However, the procedure will be unlike the ones offered in traditional schools due to the absence of hands-on exercises. Thus, you can expect that the approach used for these online training programs would be different but still has that same goal of educating students to be successful diesel mechanics.

For those who want to reach greater heights and prospects in their careers as diesel mechanics, attaining certifications from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is recommended. There are a lot of certifications available depending on the area of specialization. For an individual to be rewarded a certificate, there are written examinations to pass and at least two years of full-time and hands-on experience is required. Obtaining a diesel mechanic certification will assure clients and employers that the individual is knowledgeable and an expert of the area in question.

Diesel Mechanic Jobs – Employment and Prospects

As stated in the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) website, employment for diesel mechanics is expected to increase by 15 percent from 2010 to 2020. This growth would be the same rate when compared with other jobs. Given this assertion, considering a career as a diesel mechanic can prove to be a good choice, especially for individuals who find interest in the field and think that they can earnestly perform the work that diesel mechanics do. Being highly technical is a plus whenever seeking employment as a diesel mechanic, employers prefer to hire people who can grasp the situation easily through possessing such a skill. Hence, if you are the kind of person referred to in the previous statements, there might be one out of many diesel mechanic jobs waiting for you. Many job portal websites lists openings for the career and these listings include job descriptions and other qualifications that they look for in applicants.

It is apparent how a diesel mechanic has to deal with a lot of work. Diesel engines can be really complex and inspecting them will require sets of skills that only diesel mechanics have. A lot of sectors rely on these individuals to look after their vehicles, heavy equipment and other machinery which utilize diesel engines. Thus, diesel mechanics can be expected work in a variety of scenarios. For instance, they may be seen working in smaller areas such as neighborhood repair shops to larger industries which need workers for their technical teams. For the neophytes of the field, seeking an entry level can prove to be challenging. Just like any other field, proving to be worthy of the job alongside many competitors can be a daunting process. However, a candidate shouldn’t be easily disheartened and as long as they have the skills and qualifications, they can be assured that they are ready to begin their careers as diesel mechanics.

Since diesel mechanics deal with many types of work, some of these individuals opt to have several specializations especially when employed in larger settings. In connection with this, there are several types of jobs for diesel mechanics who have special skills or knowledge when it comes to diesel engine maintenance. Here are some of these specializations: large and commercial vehicle repair and maintenance, marine and railroad engine diesel mechanics, fixed diesel mechanics and small engine diesel mechanic. [1]

To view a list of recent advertisements for diesel mechanic jobs, log on to online job portals such as Indeed.com and Monster.com. Reviewing these listings can help you with preparations if you are looking at pursuing a career as a diesel mechanic.

Diesel Mechanic Job Description – A Look into the Tasks and Responsibilities of a Diesel Mechanic

A diesel mechanic is an individual who is concerned with the repair and maintenance of various diesel engines used to power heavy equipment and machinery. By this description, it is easy to tell that they deal with a lot of work. This work would include using many tools or transport and lifting objects which can often be dirty and bulky. Hence, aside from being skilled workers, they also need to handle their tasks with precaution to avoid unwanted injuries or illnesses. Considering the nature of work that these individuals have, taking a look further into a diesel mechanic job description will allow us to understand the services rendered by these workers even more.

Diesel mechanics can be found working in several work environments including repair shops, roadsides and other work sites. Their skills are sought after in many sectors such as in the local government, automotive industries, freight trucking companies and in wholesaler firms. A variety of scenarios for individuals who have skills that make sure that machinery that utilize diesel engines are in shape. In line with this, what are these skills being used for? That is, what are the duties that diesel mechanics typically deal with? Here are some responsibilities that diesel mechanics are tasked with:

  • Do routine maintenance by following a checklist for the inspection process.
  • Perform tasks such as replacing oil or lubricating equipment during routine maintenance.
  • Replace or repair damaged and malfunctioning parts after doing inspection.
  • Make use of computers, dials or gauges to interpret diagnostic test results.
  • Use hydraulic machinery to lift large equipment and vehicles (i.e. buses and trucks).
  • Inspect the parts and systems that make up the machine or vehicle.
  • Perform test drives to be assured that vehicles are working properly or to determine any anomalies.

Since a diesel mechanic job description includes a variety of complex work in general, there are large shops which have diesel mechanics who focus on only several specializations. For instance, one mechanic can be in-charged with electrical systems while the other will look after brake systems. However, it is also important to note that in your typical repair shop, diesel mechanics are expected to be able to perform any kind of repair. Moreover, diesel mechanics naturally make use of many tools with the wide array of tasks that they deal with. The tools that they use also vary in size; this would range from commonly used hand tools such as pliers and wrenches, to machine tools like grinding machines and pneumatic wrenches. In addition, computer tools have been increasingly important for diesel mechanics to perform their jobs more efficiently due to how diesel engines have been more integrated with electronic systems.

It is apparent how diesel mechanics perform vital roles in a world fueled by industrialization. Many industries depend on these individuals to assure that everything runs smoothly so that their respective businesses won’t be disrupted. More importantly, they deserve to be commended for the dedication that they possess despite the complexities and heavy demands of their tasks.