LA Fitness Careers – A Personal Trainer’s Options

You are now certified.  A certified personal trainer with a badge. And now, you can choose the different options where to make a career for yourself. Whether you choose to work at a fitness gym, a studio, cruise ship or put up your own gym, then so be it.

Here are the following options that you can consider:

  • Resorts. Manny exclusive resorts offer exercise classes. You can check out for opening for personal trainer at resorts around your area. Nothing like relaxing and getting fit at the same time while on vacation!
  • Corporations for Wellness. Yes you know how working on the clock in a highly competitive world of corporation causes stress to employees. Most American companies now offer wellness and health packages for its employees as part of its overall human resources program. Take advantage of it and  check Corporate Wellness for updates.
  • You can start your own business. You can work at a gym and at the same time, work independently.  If you’re still learning the ropes of business, work at a club or studio first and get necessary experience and in their build good relations and build contacts of your possible clients!

If you would like to work in a large club, then you might want to consider the LA Fitness careers to build your network. With a lot of clubs all over America, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland, you can join this growing company. Run by Fitness International, LA Fitness offers benefits and good compensation and membership privileges to its employees.

Check its website for employment opportunities.   You can also submit your resume online.

Have we told you that being a personal trainer, you are compensated well?  In LA Fitness, one of its associate training officer reviewed the company and outlined the hourly  compensation for its employees and not surprisingly, the personal trainer has the biggest salary. A trainer can earn as much as $10-13/hr (plus other privileges).  You can also  decide on your hours. If you’re starting out, you can have the 30-minute per session with a client and good for getting more clients without sacrificing quality.  You have your clients information and when you decide to get independent, you can contact them and if they choose to have a personal in-home training, then that’s a good window for you.

Also you can do specialization here as the company offers kids club for fitness. And for mothers, worry not as they have a child care support. You are not to worry and get absent in your regular regiment because your nanny just decides not  to show up. On top of your monthly fee for the gym, LA fitness charges an extra of $10 monthly for your kids when you drop them off at the kid center. So look at your nearest LA Fitness Center and check the Child Care Support and discuss the terms. For loyal customers, a discount is also given.

Just to remember though, that the Kids Center is not a substitute nanny for your child. It was designed to help mothers and fathers on their fitness programs and also making the kids socialize. It is a playground of sorts.

With these benefits and good working environment, consider LA Fitness careers.

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