LA Fitness Careers – A Personal Trainer’s Options

You are now certified.  A certified personal trainer with a badge. And now, you can choose the different options where to make a career for yourself. Whether you choose to work at a fitness gym, a studio, cruise ship or put up your own gym, then so be it.

Here are the following options that you can consider:

  • Resorts. Manny exclusive resorts offer exercise classes. You can check out for opening for personal trainer at resorts around your area. Nothing like relaxing and getting fit at the same time while on vacation!
  • Corporations for Wellness. Yes you know how working on the clock in a highly competitive world of corporation causes stress to employees. Most American companies now offer wellness and health packages for its employees as part of its overall human resources program. Take advantage of it and  check Corporate Wellness for updates.
  • You can start your own business. You can work at a gym and at the same time, work independently.  If you’re still learning the ropes of business, work at a club or studio first and get necessary experience and in their build good relations and build contacts of your possible clients!

If you would like to work in a large club, then you might want to consider the LA Fitness careers to build your network. With a lot of clubs all over America, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland, you can join this growing company. Run by Fitness International, LA Fitness offers benefits and good compensation and membership privileges to its employees.

Check its website for employment opportunities.   You can also submit your resume online.

Have we told you that being a personal trainer, you are compensated well?  In LA Fitness, one of its associate training officer reviewed the company and outlined the hourly  compensation for its employees and not surprisingly, the personal trainer has the biggest salary. A trainer can earn as much as $10-13/hr (plus other privileges).  You can also  decide on your hours. If you’re starting out, you can have the 30-minute per session with a client and good for getting more clients without sacrificing quality.  You have your clients information and when you decide to get independent, you can contact them and if they choose to have a personal in-home training, then that’s a good window for you.

Also you can do specialization here as the company offers kids club for fitness. And for mothers, worry not as they have a child care support. You are not to worry and get absent in your regular regiment because your nanny just decides not  to show up. On top of your monthly fee for the gym, LA fitness charges an extra of $10 monthly for your kids when you drop them off at the kid center. So look at your nearest LA Fitness Center and check the Child Care Support and discuss the terms. For loyal customers, a discount is also given.

Just to remember though, that the Kids Center is not a substitute nanny for your child. It was designed to help mothers and fathers on their fitness programs and also making the kids socialize. It is a playground of sorts.

With these benefits and good working environment, consider LA Fitness careers.

How to become a personal trainer – Becoming Certified

We are living in a stressful world. As Noam Chomsky wrote, we as consumers are getting more products we do not need. And that lifestyle of extravagance are causing stress. People are getting more work, creating a bubble and even enjoying a sense of busyness. Sometimes sacrificing one’s health. Overall well-being of mankind are at stake here.

Sedentary lifestyles and these fastfood have caused obesity for the majority. Studies show that in America alone, obesity is increasing. For 2014, the Food and Action Research said that more that 2/3 of American adults are overly obese (68.5%) and around 34.9% are obese.  It is also alarming that children and adolescents, 31.8% are already diagnosed as overly obese.

So now, workouts are also becoming a craze. And more and more are also getting aware of these life-stressors. Look at the different weight loss programs and recipes developed now to “make you healthier!”

What’s the connection with all of these? This my friend opens up an opportunity for you.  One of the fast growing careers  right now is the fitness industry. And becoming a fitness instructor or a personal trainer is in demand. So do you have what it takes to become a personal trainer?

Do you like to keep healthy and fit and share it to other people?

Do you like learning about human anatomy and practicing what you preach?

If you answer YES to these questions, then consider becoming a personal trainer. How to become a personal trainer?

In our earlier post, we outline the traits that a personal trainer should posses. It’s not easy as you think. Like any salesperson, you need to have good communications skills. You will be working with different kinds of people and you will be guiding them to listen and believe in what you are advising to them especially on the program that will fit their schedule and body types.

When you decide to become a personal trainer, it is a commitment to make people have a paradigm shift – a chnage on how they will view their health and well-being. It is a lifestyle change and this should also be mirrored by you. Remember, no will get you as their personal trainer if you yourself are at mess with your health.

Additional things to consider  when you  decide to pursue becoming a personal trainer:

1. One should have the passion to help other people achieve their goals to be physically fit.

2.  Continue learning. Learn about human anatomy. A personal trainer has a huge responsibility of giving advise to other people relating their body. You will be asking your prospective clients to do some exercises and you should be knowledgeable of the human muscles capabilities to avoid injuries. You will be advising them a program that will suit their body as well the goal they are working on- is it forming abs, making their arms well-toned?

3. Keep yourself up with the latest workout and health recipes that works. You have to test it yourself first even so that you can be able to recommend it to your possibel clients.

4.  Know the equipment and how to use it properly.

5. Learn from a mentor. If you have to get your own personal trainer, then do so. We learn by doing and by replicating. So ask someone, a personal trainer who’s been in the field for quite some time now and learn the trade secrets.

With these in mind, consider getting a certification. There are  alot of organizations that gives certification. Visit the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) for the list of accredited certifying organizations. The NCCA was created by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence in 1987 to standardize the procedures and programs offered by these institutions.

There are different areas for certification. Some schools have different qualifications and requirements depending on the program you will try to focus on: personal trainer, health fitness specialist, or cancer exercise specialist, among other things.  And of course, how much budget do you have? If you are currently working for instance in a fitness center, you might also want to ask if you have a partner certification program schools that you can tap and also for possible discounts on your study materials and review courses.

When choosing the certification program, ask yourself, what do I want to focus on? Also consider those that offer hands-on training and theoretical playground.  You need to 18 years old, knows basic Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). It will also require you to know how to use the automated external defibrillator (AED), a portable device used to treat cardiac arrhythimias and make the heartbeat in a rhythm (Remember, we told you to be knowledgeable with human anatomy, the cardiovascular physiology as one of the major area to keep in mind). 

Here’s the list (just a small portion of the NCCA accredited 300 programs)  that you might want to check:

  • The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) offers a lot of choices for personal trainers and committed individuals who would like to try to guide people lead an active lifestyle. It offers study kits, and even online quiz and helps you on scheduling the test. You can take the exam for $279, study materials are extra.
  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) it offers homestudy and exam can be taken on location or online; exam will cost you around $249.
  • American Fitness Professionals and Associates  (AFPA) for around $370 you can choose either to take a homeschooling or on location program.
  • International Fitness Professionals Association  (FPA) course will charge you around $390. Aside from NCCA, it ais also applying for the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) certification.

Do some research and compare the training course that will surely suit your needs and goals. If you are concern about the budget, consider the online materials and free tutorials that you can get.  Also take the possible review classes into consideration. You might want to have a specialty, such as fitness program for kids with special needs. As a personal trainer, a client base is important for your career.

These programs are not an easy breeze.  Also it is not a one-time certification. NCCA requires renewal and review courses. This is to ensure that personal trainers as part of the health profession are up to date and legitimate. Once you have decided to take this certification, there is no turning back. After learning how to become a personal trainer, we realize that this is a lifetime journey of teaching health and wellness.



How Long Does it Take to Become a Personal Trainer

How Long Does it Take to Become a Personal Trainer

If you have finally decided on becoming a fitness, health professional, the next logical thing that you should probably deal with is how long how long does it take to become a personal trainer.

Becoming a personal trainer is not really that difficult as compared to other professionals in the health industry. Unlike physicians and dieticians who needs specialized degrees for their respective careers, fitness trainers on the other hand need not to be a degree holder in any specific college degree to become one.

However, experience and competencies in other area of specialization such as in health sciences can somehow determine how long how long does it take to become a personal trainer.


Over the past years, the health sector in general has experienced rapid growth when it comes to advancement in technology. But other than the continued advancement in the health sector, the demand for professionals in this field is obviously increasing so rapidly that the current number of fitness trainers, for example, can’t cope with.

In fact, in major metropolitan across the country, different fitness and wellness centers have opened over the past years. This current trend actually means that there’s an existing and eminent demand for these professionals in the next few years at least.

how long does it take to become a personal trainer2

Important Reminder

Since there’s indeed an eminent demand for personal trainers or fitness instructors, the competition will also become more intense as time progresses. This means that in order to remain on top of the competition, individuals who are interested in pursuing careers in this field should know how to be very competitive and to equip themselves with the right experience and set of skills.

Knowing how to be competitive in this field means that more doors of opportunities will be open to individuals. One of the best options to increase a person’s likelihood to get a job in this field is to enhance him or herself by learning a lot of things about the industry.

How to Become a Personal Trainer

How to Become a Personal Trainer

Without a doubt, more and more people today are becoming more concern about their health, particularly their fitness. Thus, we can expect the number of people interested to know how to become a personal trainer will increase in the coming years.

However, it is very important for people to note that it is not easy just to jump out and apply to different wellness centers. In order to succeed in this field, one must be knowledgeable in different things to be able to carry out the tasks and responsibilities of these people.

Before anything else, please be aware that not anyone can become a personal trainer. And if you’re really interested on how to become a personal trainer, again, you must possess at least the minimal requirements that a personal trainer should have.


How to Become a Personal Trainer 2According to the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), there are specific personality traits that are more likely to succeed in becoming a personal trainer as it is in other careers. Some of these specific traits include, but not limited to:

 Excellent Oral Communication

Since primary works of personal trainers are to communicate different exercise routines to their learners, having a good communication skills can go a long way. Without it, even the world’s most effective and high-tech exercise equipment will be futile.

People Skills

Obviously, personal trainers deal with different people in their day-to-day life. Thus, a people skill, which includes a great deal of patience, is extremely important. Also, to succeed as a personal or fitness trainer, one must be a good listener and has excellent motivational skills. Being able to motivate his or her student is a prime factor in achieving the desired goal of the learner in signing up for the fitness program.

Combining these key skills creates a great and an energetic fitness trainer that no student can resist.

Quick Facts About the Personal Trainer Salary

Quick Facts About the Personal Trainer Salary

With today’s growing interest towards wellness and healthy living, professionals in this field are in no doubt enjoying the perks of this obvious fad. No wonder, the average personal trainer salary in the US alone is considered as one of the most competitive salaries across industries.

Without a doubt, anywhere in the world, health and wellness centers are very apparent. In fact, more people signed up with different fitness centers today that it was some decades ago. This only proves that people all around the world have become more health conscious and aware.

This heightened awareness toward health and fitness means that the demand for health professionals is rapidly increasing and so as personal trainer salary across all countries in the world.


One of the varied and wide array responsibilities that a personal trainer does is to come up with physical exercise routines and ensure its implementation. But aside from the creative aspect, the trainer also needs to ensure that all these regimens are being implemented the best way possible without a miss.

Personal trainers help ensure that every routine in a trainee’s fitness regimen is being followed and executed the best way possible and without deviation. Making sure that every routine of the entire fitness is being observed is very vital to the success of the fitness program. Missing even a single exercise routine can actually ruin the entire program.

The guidance and professional advice or at times support that these professionals provide their trainees is very essential in achieving the goals of the exercise program. In some cases, these trained professionals give encouragement to their trainees, especially at times where their students are about to give up and losing hope in finishing the program.


In most cases, a personal trainer needs at least two years of work experience in the same field and a certificate/diploma before being allowed to practice. Since most of a trainer’s work involves physical regimen and addressing health concerns of a trainee, knowledge in health is a plus.

Also, a successful candidate must be knowledgeable about different practices in the field as well as current trends in the industry in order to provide fact-based assistance to trainees. Having an eye to details is very important in ensuring that the trainer is able to follow simple to complex instructions from his/her boss and from that instruction, a course action can be produced.


As mentioned before, the profession of a personal trainer is one of the most competitive careers of today. This career is indeed ideal for those who have an interest in health and wellness, becoming a fitness or personal trainer can be the career for you.


When it comes to profitability, this career is indeed one of the flourishing careers that attract many people. Mainly because it is in the industry that is considered to be very competitive and interesting, no wonder more and more people will be hooked and interested in getting into this career in the near future.

Work Environment

Since personal trainers work directly with people who are in a personal training regimen, most of them will be working on different healthcare facilities such as spas, fitness gym, and wellness centers, among others. In a sense, people in this profession basically work in a comfortable and somewhat work conducive environ that primarily one of the reasons why many people have become more interested in this field.