Diesel Cars On Top of the Market List

Pumped up to become the diesel mechanic? We already outline the schools where you can train to become a diesel mechanic and there are numerous job opportunities awaiting for you.

You will be dealing a lot of people especially on the elite bunch and but foremost, you have to understand the kind of cars that you will be dealing mostly. And to become one of the best, you hae to understand the cars that you will be dealing with it most of the time.

A diesel mechanic knows the nitty-gritty of the stuff he’s working on and that involve knowing about the car.  And isn’t it great to be able to converse with your customer about the top diesel cars on top in the market?

We know that diesel cars are cleaner and fuel-efficient. Leave your prejudice about diesel and know the difference especially in terms of performance. There are a lot of car companies now making changes in their turboes and to make a Fast and Furious exhilarating feel.  Cars and SUVs are now using diesel since it is easy to drive around town and cost-efficient unlike gasoline.

The following are the top diesel cars that will surely be on your shop soon.

1.   Volkswagen Gold TDI 


 Very smart and sleek and it is one of the top selling in the history of diesel cars. It perfected the technology and high efficiency meter rate. It is capable of 42 mpg and the design is upscaled. It surpassed its own world driving ranks.
Smarter diesel engine are made to run the mill and ensure great driving conditions.
2.  Volkswagen Passat Diesel 
It got the same transmission line for the Golf TDI but a smaller body but only inches. t got 40 mpg and won the top honors when it was first released last year.
As you know, the US market is owned by the Volkswagen.  Four  out of 5 released diesel cars have been filled up and it is because of its turboes and efficiency. Ye sit is a bit epxensive but the fuel you can save is far more you will be spending with other cars.
3.  Mazda Sedan 
With 41 mpg, the Mazda Sedan has everything- lightweight and balanced and great chassis. The company’s improved architecture make it a good choice for those who want the best for their hard-earned money. Better performance for a better diesel economy.
4.  Ford Focus Sedan
Ut only got 37 mpg highway but its value for money makes it on top of our list. You have to switch to the dual clutch, though it is not the best gearbox but it got all the standard chassis to back you up. Besides it is one of the 10 Best Cars in 2012 and 2013, so do not worry as it can take you for longer commuting. Best for those long joy rides at the countryside with your friends.
5.  Chevrolet Cruze
On top of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Chevrolet Cruze has 44 mpg and has the top efficiency for diesel usage. Mileage you can get for your baby out of  the liter of diesel will surely make your accountant proud. 
Yes my dear diesel mechanic, learn more about these models and be on top also in your trade. Aside from changing gears and making sure the gears are working all right, conversation with the owners of these babies will surely get you more tips.

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